New Life Church Worship and Creative Arts Pastor

New Life Church is looking for an individual who is committed to the following…

  • Helping people know Jesus better.

  • Making ministry fun.

  • Working hard for the Gospel by earning every name.

  • Focusing on what matters most.

  • Excellence in Worship and the Creative Arts.

  • Forming and developing teams.

Job Description:


  • Primary leader of the worship portion of New Life services.

  • Works to develop and recruit high levels of talent on the New Life stage.

  • Responsible for leadership/scheduling worship for Sunday PM youth services.

    • Uses this team as a feeder for the Sunday AM stage.

  • Leads the worship team pastorally.

    • Builds relationships with the worship team outside of services.

Pastoral Ministry:

  • Attend weekly staff meetings.

  • Serve in the hospital visit rotation.

  • Attend weekly teaching team meetings.


  • Four elements of our weekend service fall under the responsibility of this position:

    • Sound

    • Lighting

    • Screens

    • Streaming

  • There are currently people serving in the above areas. The Worship and Creative Arts Pastor will work with (and develop) those currently serving in these roles and also assist in recruiting more team members in these areas.

  • Serve as a go-between with the Lead Pastor and the Sunday morning experience to ensure this lines up with the vision for the weekend.

    • Keep “Planning Center Services” up to date for the weekend.


  • Ministry is full of tasks that do not always neatly fall into a job description. This position will need to show a willingness to take on additional responsibilities as needed for the betterment of the team and New Life Church.

If you have questions you would like answered before you apply, please call the church office at (417) 881-5558 and a member of our staff will set up an appointment to answer those questions. We will check messages every Tuesday and Thursday.